Counseling Services

Jamesen Goodman Counseling ServicesLearn to think clearly, act wisely, and live a happier and more meaningful life!

Though adults seek counseling for a variety reasons, they all are essentially looking for a way to change their lives and to grow personally.

Perhaps you are seeking to manage a life transition, get rid of unwanted stress, or better cope with the everyday challenges that can seem so overwhelming. If so, a supportive counselor?one who is straight-forward, yet gentle?can help you increase self-awareness and learn ways to break patterns that are unhealthy, unrewarding, or unfulfilling.

Let me be that counselor for you. My approach in counseling adults is interpersonal, supportive, and direct. I believe that seeking therapy is a sign of courage and strength and so work collaboratively with you at a comfortable pace. I can help you find your own solutions to the problems which face you.

Please feel free to call me at 301-589-6033 to get a sense of whether I can be helpful to you.

Remember, things can be different!